Microtech Engineers & Company Blog http://www.microtechengineers.net/blog/ Latest Products Mon, 20 Mar 2023 14:07:02 +0530 en-us http://www.microtechengineers.net Material Handling Solutions For BudgetMinded Manufacturers http://www.microtechengineers.net/blog/material-handling-solutions-for-budgetminded-manufacturers_721.htm Wed, 14 Dec 2011 15:52:33 +0530 <div>Material Handling Solutions are a major requirement for manufacturers and logistics companies in today’s tech-driven world. With the advent of contemporary technology, the demand of Material Handling Equipment has been remarkably increasing. But that doesn’t mean that they were not used in the earlier times. As a matter of fact, Material Handling Equipment was used even 2000 years ago. However, there is a significant difference between the Material Handling Equipment of today’s time and those times – the difference in technology, of course. </div> <div>Nowadays, there is a great variety of Material Handling Equipment out there. Right from handling heavy ship materials to handling materials at cold freezer, there is a Material Handling Equipment available for every need. But the problem arises when one seeks to Buy Material Handling Equipment and doesn’t get them at reasonable price. Read on if you are or want to be a budget-minded company. </div> <div>Firstly, let’s discuss the advantages of Material Handling Equipment, of which some are as follows:</div> <div> <ul> <li>Improve efficiency of a production system </li> <li>Cut down the cost of indirect labor</li> <li>Protect labor from any kind of accident, which were very common before such equipment was used</li> <li>Safe movement and storage of material</li> <li>Reduce handling as well as storage cost</li> </ul> <div>Aside from the above-mentioned benefits, Material Handling Equipment offers many more benefits. These robotic devices have, indeed, proved to be the boon for people. Soaring new heights of demand, Material Handling Equipment can, however, prove to be very expensive for the small and mid-size companies. </div> <div>The best solution to the problem of budget is consulting a company that has a specialization in the domain. It is recommended to consult renowned Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers, as they can suggest you with the most cost-effective and pocket friendly Material Handling Solutions. That is, the solutions that not only improve your safety and efficiency but also that are as per your needs and budget. Whether what you need are Cranes or Industrial Conveyor System or any other Material Handling Equipment, a reliable vendor is the one-stop destination for you. </div> <div>The best way to find the most reliable Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers is by going online.  Browsing over the search engines, you can see many of the reputed ones. You need to select a few of them and finally, need to narrow down your selection by choosing the one who is ready to provide you with what you need at the right price so that your budget doesn’t get affected. </div> </div> Material Handling Equipment http://www.microtechengineers.net/blog/material-handling-equipment_802.htm Tue, 10 Jan 2012 18:07:56 +0530 <p>The major objective of any company, whether involved in manufacturing, material handling or any other process, is to generate high productivity at minimal cost. Nowadays, this objective has become easily achievable due to the advent of many advanced technologies. The new-age techniques not only save time and power but also lower the total cost of production. Material Handling Equipment is one such technology, prior to which the material handling functions carried out manually proved fatal on numerous occasions. The scenario after the advent of Material Handling Equipment has, however, become different. Now, not only can material handling be done in less time, but its operations have also become much safer.<br /><br /><br /><strong>What Is Material Handling Equipment Exactly?<br /></strong>The equipment that is used for mechanical handling of not only the scrap but also the finished goods is called Material Handling Equipment. There are a plenty of Material Handling Equipment, all of which are for different handling purposes. You can choose among Rail Cars, Trucks, EOT Cranes, Goliath Cranes, Jib Cranes, HOT Cranes, Industrial Conveyor System, Belt Conveyor System, Chain Conveyor System, Roller Conveyor System, Floor Cranes etc. It is essential to choose the right Material Handling Equipment, for it directly corresponds to the operating efficiency as well as cost of the company.<br /><br /><strong></strong></p> <p><strong>Different Types Of Material Handling Equipment:<br /></strong>Of the manifold Material Handling Equipment out there, below are the three broad categories that are classified as per their usage:</p> <ol> <li><strong>Transport Equipment For Material Handling</strong><br />The Material Handling Equipment finds usage in moving the scrap of finished products from one place to another. The equipment encompasses industrial trucks, rail cars, cranes, etc.</li> <li><strong>Positioning Equipment</strong><br />The equipment that is used to handle materials at a particular location is known as Positioning Equipment. The central objective of such equipment is to put the materials either for the next handling process or storage activity or machining. Hoists, Belts and Conveyors and Lifts are some of the most common types of Positioning Equipment.</li> <li><strong>Unit Load Formation Equipment</strong><br />This equipment finds basic usage in maintaining the flow of the manufacturing process. This equipment comprises of skids, bags, etc.</li> </ol>If you’re looking to Buy Material Handling Equipment, you first need to pen down the type of materials they’ll be used to handle. Besides, the design and the safety factor should also be taken into consideration. Looking for these things is mandatory while buying Material Handling Equipment either from a Cranes and Conveyor Systems Manufacturer and Supplier online or from your local market. Different Types of Cranes http://www.microtechengineers.net/blog/different-types-of-cranes_803.htm Tue, 10 Jan 2012 18:12:03 +0530 Cranes are widely used all over the world for lifting heavy weights. Cranes may look like a result of new-age technological advancement, but they have, in reality, been used for ages. Ancient Greeks invented them; Romans created large monuments with them; and medieval churches were constructed using them. Nevertheless, the advancement in technology has indeed provided us with the modern and safer varieties of Cranes. Cranes’ varieties are based majorly on their usage. Read on to know about the different types of Cranes. <br /><br /><strong>EOT Cranes <br /></strong>Electrical Overhead Travelling (EOT) Cranes are mainly required in factory applications like locomotive repair shops, steel yards, paper mills and more. The EOT Crane more or less functions like the overhead bridge crane; the slightest difference being that the former is fixed with gantry-style legs and rails on the ground. The EOT Cranes can lift huge weights, ranging from 2 to 200 tons.<br /><br /><strong>Fixed Cranes<br /></strong>These Cranes are able to carry heavier loads and reach immense heights without affecting the stability, for they cannot be moved during their usage. Fixed Cranes, nevertheless, can be assembled and disassembled.<br /><br /><em><strong>Loader Crane</strong></em> is one major type of Fixed Cranes that is hydraulically-powered and is commonly used for loading and unloading automobiles and other vehicles. In addition, <em><strong>Stacker Cranes</strong></em> are another type of Fixed Cranes that are used in automated warehouses for an automatic retrieval system. Since these Cranes can work via remote, they keep the workers out of the cold automated freezers. <br /><br /><em><strong>Gantry Cranes</strong></em>, used for moving very heavy loads, are the Fixed Cranes that are found in ports and railroads. These Cranes are more often seen in shipyards so as to lift materials on and off the ships. <br /><br />If you are looking to Buy Cranes or other Material Handling Equipment, then the best option is to go online. On the search engines such as Google etc. you can find several reliable Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters, among which you can choose the one who understands your needs and requirements. This is because if you choose the company that understands what you want, then you’re on the way to get the best of Cranes.